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spanish. visit. a female suicide bomber kills a six people on a bus in russia city of volgograd a report from the scene of monday's bombing. more revelations of. edward snowden with reports a claim of germany's chancellor has been spied on for over a decade. protesters gather in washington united in anger at the country's global surveillance program and. syrian journalists find themselves on the the rebels' hit list for coverage of the spiraling conflict plus. we've found at least in some cases they've clearly killed civilians in some of these cars as people. and i'm a supernational researcher told the bodies
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a new damning report on america's so-called precision strikes in pakistan. it's eleven o'clock here in the russian capital you're watching artes of the weekly with me to take a look at our first story. on monday a poll full suicide blast to hit a bus in the country's southern city of volgograd to killing six and wounding dozens many witnesses were unable to understand what had happened to describing the scene as a war zone arches lindsay friends some of the survivors. october twenty first started just like any other monday here in boulder grab people woke up with places to go and things to get but heavily using bus stations just like this but for several people needing bus number twenty nine they could never have foreseen how
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quickly their lives would change when they took that ride. the route ran without incident from morning till afternoon until one person got on board thirty year old why you don't see all of that is when things took a tragic turn and it starts to the very on the boy was on her way home from classes at the university laughing and talking with the other students crucially it was in the middle of the bus which say tried life. choose when the boss who did everything around me when flying and from that moment i don't remember anything on the recall being thrown onto her window then suddenly finding myself on the street and in a panic i realised something had happened to my hands i was covered in blood. it was right here at about two pm local time that a blast ripped through bus twenty nine filled with about forty people first responders thought it was perhaps a malfunction of the bus fuel systems but aside from the shop they fell they asked themselves if this was a gas explosion was the fire. and that that was the same rock or that everybody in
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the blast was touching their faces and heads asking what happened what happened there was a lot of blood on them and a lot of flesh everywhere i was very afraid i got out of my car and i saw the head lying there i mean my friend took a young boy and his father to the hospital the remnant of an explosive device told the shrapnel t.n.t. and a grenade the accident site became a crime scene while a jihadist from the republic of dagestan became the central focus of the investigation and then the story took another twist the attack wasn't meant for volgograd at all as the all of a had apparently taken a detour. she had purchased a ticket to moscow and boarded an intercity boss that passed through volgograd when the bus was almost at the city limits i see all of our gado and went back to
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downtown belgrade right now investigators are trying to find out whether this move had been planned in advance or r.c.l. over altered the plan along the way looking for a place packed with as many people as possible also under suspicion or three men believed to have helped in the plot to attack the russian capital two from dagestan wanted for twin terror attacks there in two thousand and twelve were said to be waiting for her in moscow on his way there was an aussie all of us has been to meet her circle of an ethnic russian convert to islam missing since two thousand and twelve some reports suggest the couple had an argument shortly before the attack which may have caused a last minute change in her deadly plans authorities will be keen to find her husband in the hope he may have the answers in different r.t. in volgograd. and on saturday a large cache of suicide belts and explosives was discovered in russia saw the republic of dagestan that's after police detained a man carrying
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a grenade and several blocks of t.n.t. on a bus going to moscow you can learn more about these and other anti terror operations here in russia on our website r.t. dot com. merkel has been his spied on by the n.s.a. for over a decade that's according to the leaks published by germany's dispirit magazine the surveillance goes back even before merkel became the country's leader and this week it's been revealed the thirty five world leaders have also been closely monitored by america's national security agency europe has voiced its anger complaining that its trust in washington is now undermined from a french a prime minister dominique de villepin od says that if the u.s. continues to strive for world dominance could lead to. it. we knew that. some practices were existed but the search and overall system this came
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as a surprise for everybody in fact what we are seeing today is the incredible privileges of the u.s. administration or the control of the world system we knew that the u.s. for controlling the financial system through the banking dominance of some big banks through the dollar currency reserve currency but controlling internet controlling the information you know world this is a privilege and monopoly if we are going to follow up in the same direction then confrontation might be electable president obama has ordered a review of the country's global surveillance operations promising changes in the meantime thousands have gathered on capitol hill for what the organizers say is the largest pro privacy rally in u.s. history artie's ganesh if you can has the details. thousands of people gathered here on the anniversary of the signing of the patriot act twelve years ago they believe that was the day when in the name of fighting terror their rights have been
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taken away from them they believe that the tradeoff between security and privacy is a false one people here say that they're tired of lies that the government has been telling to cover up their mass spying after all just a year ago the director of national intelligence james clapper said no when asked whether the n.s.a. was collecting data on millions of americans edward snowden's revelations of course confirmed that was a lie and the latest i've heard was that just within a month the n.s.a. spied on more than one hundred and twenty four billion phone calls worldwide that means that every single person on earth is facing the risk of being caught up in the n.s.a. dragnet and the person edward snowden thanks to whom this protest is happening is now holed up in russia because here in the states he would sure be in jail by now people at this rally dows of people in fact demand a meaningful surveillance
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a long way for him they came with a petition signed by more than five hundred thousand people demanding congress investigate the n.s.a. spying programs through the senate judiciary and intelligence committees planned hearings on those programs so they want to make sure that their voices are heard actually one of the main messages of this rally is watch the watchers but the question is is there really possible because so far any light that's been shed on the watchers was through whistleblowers in washington i'm going to check on. as the syrian conflict spirals deeper into civil war civilians are increasingly becoming targets in the military standoff state media employees are being marked for death by the rebels who want. the voices silenced charges policy about some of those under threat. these pictures were a long time coming syria's state t.v.
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headquarters in flames but the attack occurred just hours after rebel groups warned they'd showered damascus with mortars. and young women turn call for i think their main goal is to intimidate people to stop us from working they want us to think twice about working for syrian t.v. like other employees of syrian state t.v. this woman is afraid to show her face she is one of the names listed in this website set up by the rebels and each a name and photograph is the word wanted those with crosses through them are people who have already been killed. the irony is that those who make t.v. are now too afraid to appear on it this video editor was given an ultimatum either come work for us the rebels threatened or we'll kill you he managed to escape but a few weeks ago he came home to the message wherever you are you dog of the regime we will find you painted on his front door this witness i've lost the feeling of
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fear after i saw a man beheaded in front of me and mortar shells falling all around you forget what fear is but the pain and heartbreak remain idea buses brother ali carmel was an editor in chief of the syrian news agency he was killed by four bullets shot at close range after masked gunmen broke into his home and going to make theatre the strange thing is that we were never afraid for him we were afraid for my other brothers quine the army without i believe the civilian will be safe but they kill him because they don't want anybody to tell the truth even just those appearing on t.v. are being threatened they call a couple of time to adjust to say that your body will be shot off from the head and they said we know who you are we know the location. we cannot kill you we cannot cut your head from the body you are should be this is what they
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say exactly the fear for many is that this list is long there were many names on it and scenes like this could well be repeated until every last one of them is deleted policy r.t. damascus syria. meanwhile russia is pushing ahead with mediation efforts to bring all sides of the conflict to the negotiating table in geneva next month the u.s. and its allies met this week to reiterate their support for the syrian opposition which moscow calls a one sided approach former pentagon official michael maloof says the backing the rebels essentially amounts to helping the radical islamists the united states cannot be caught in the position of giving arms to the moderate so-called moderates when in fact most of those weapons would go to the opposition they just take them away in the at the extremists already control about seven of the eleven palestinian camps already and. in syria they're using them as
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a base of operations and they're intimidating the moderates and the moderates of course are can't stand up against the more extreme elements and they just don't have the the capability in the fight in the fight in fighting power to do that. european leaders are look for he's to solve the issue of immigrant influx while the economic troubles that the ship bred seem to have no effect on the endless stream of refugees seeking shelter across the mediterranean some insight into that shortly. plus georgians they head to the polls to replace one for president saakashvili and recap the controversial legacy in just a few minutes. border.
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great hopes for freedom and democracy. substituted by great disenchantment play. what was expected to be a blessing to the country. turned out to be its curse. plain. georgia the story of a disappointment. dramas that can't be ignored to. stories others the few who still notice. the faces changing the world right now. so picture of today's lives no longer from around the globe.
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dropped. to fifty. welcome back of this is a hearty america's ongoing drone strikes in pakistan should be investigated as a walk that's according to a reporter this week by amnesty international but going to the bottom of the so-called presidio strikes program could be difficult now it all began in two thousand and four under the bush administration two thousand and six was the deadliest year in his presidency when almost one hundred civilians were killed but since two thousand and eight the use of drones in pakistan have escalated reaching a peak off to barack obama was sworn into office in two thousand and nine the next twelve months of obama's administration saw a record number of strikes a hundred and twenty two and despite the many damning reports of the drone war goes
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on now the obama administration has responsible for almost ninety percent of these strikes and out of the hundreds of civilians killed up to two hundred were children many investigations estimate the total number of killings at more than three thousand was the captain of looked into the latest report. the predator drone remotely controlled and heavily armed it's the weapon of choice in the cia's under cleared war in pakistan that's where the u.s. is believed to have launched more than three hundred strikes since two thousand and four the target suspected taliban and al qaeda militants the white house says better drones than boots on the ground and justifies the covert program as both affective and legal america does not take strikes to punish individuals we act against terrorists who pose a continuing an imminent threat to the american people not so according to amnesty international in a damning new report the human rights group warns u.s.
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drone strikes could amount to war crimes documents recent. ling's in pakistan's northwest tribal areas and the lack of transparency surrounding drones this is a secret program in fact in our case we've found at least in some cases they've clearly killed civilians and some of these cases might be war crimes that really concerns us one such case is that of sixty eight year old man nama bibi killed by a u.s. drone last october she was picking vegetables with her grandchildren when that attacks took place a double strike the children miraculously survived. first it was so then i heard that. the first hit and the second hit my cousin. huge her grandmother's body was pulverized these missile fragments are all that remain of amnesty documents other such cases but its main point the need for transparency and accountability the u.s. must explain why these people have been killed people who are clearly civilians you
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must provide justice to these people compensation it must investigate those responsible for those killings now in a separate report a u.n. investigation looked at thirty three drone strikes around the world not just in pakistan that violated international humanitarian law and also resulted in hundreds of civilian casualties that report also calling for more transparency and accountability from the united states reporting from moscow i'm lucy catherine of we also spoke to the head of the drawings a report to she says people in pakistan feel the unmanned aircraft is the same way that they do the terrorists. what we have done it's conduct painstaking research into a specific time period in pakistan where u.s. has carried out drone strikes and that's a very recent eighteen months in a very particular part of the country in north waziristan this is one of the most
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neglected remote areas of the world. ordinary residents suffer abuse from armed groups also disappearances and torture obviously detention for the focused on armed forces on top of that out of the sky. they're being attacked by u.s. drone strikes and in some cases it is that some of those some of the killings have been a little for that amount to extradition executions or war crimes we contacted the u.s. government in advance of our report being published. referred us what the cia referred us to the white house and the white house referred us to u.s. president barack obama's speech up may twenty third team which made promises of transparency we've seen little change to date. online for you right now there's a new government ministry in venezuela created purely to make sure that everyone is feeling well cheery good morning deputy ministry of supreme social happiness and
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how it's supposed to put a smile on people's faces three community programs. that saudi women aren't officially banned from driving but get behind the wheel that could get the female drivers into a whole lot of trouble now some are putting their foot down and up more at r.t. dot com. this week saw records being broken at our planet's most pointed out the olympic torch through to the north pole for the first time in history after the fastest ever cruise through the palomides onboard a nuclear icebreaker r.g.s. james brown was on board for the voyage. just in case you didn't actually believe we were going to the north pole i think that eliminates any damp doesn't it you might think it's just before the dawn or just before the sun sets but actually we're right smack bang in the middle of the day in fact it's just gone twelve thirty in the afternoon but of course the further north we go the less daylight
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we're getting that polar nights are coming into full effect and as you can see our ice breaker is really having to prove our worth now. if they think you can see everything is getting rather busy and excited up here and we're all on the bridge for the final approach. sorry lympics flame away from to make its way onto the north pole. her. top of the world. was. a thing.
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well it's not often you get to witness a moment of real history but this is the first time to be in a big flame and ever been made of the north pole exactly right. and i'm here to see . to some other news this week despite the horrors of recent tragedies in the mediterranean it's packed with immigrants and refugees continue to head to solder in the e.u. countries one hundred were rescued of the city's coast this week by italy's coast guard at a summit in brussels european union leaders promised to revamp the blocks asylum policies and take active measures on the issue after a plea for help from rome right now this map shows a picture of the roots asylum seekers are taking many instead of to europa because they fear of their lives feeling hopeless torn by conflict like the civil war in
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syria now more moved to of course find work and make money most nor the immigrants and to ease you through italy's some of the rain islands now others attempt to make it through to spain or french among the most up popular final destination along with germany as well as the u.k. but it's really italy and greece that bear the brunt as according to e.u. laws asylum seekers entering without authorization are obliged to remain in the country they first arrived in you've got a piece going on when to need some of those trying to make their way to a better life. they want to buy the food from the opium to saddam then traveled to libya and finally reach sicily after what must have been the most nerve wrecking ball right of their lives these three women are hiding their faces from the camera since now they're risking being sent back when we were at sea now the boat with refugees saying can do a three hundred people died but we were lucky and insistently managed to void get
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it registered it's illegal between need to go further north there is nothing for us here under regulation all newcomers must seek asylum in the country where they arrive and under italian law any one of voting registration is sent home but nowadays more and more newcomers are ready to take their chances don't register to try to go to northern states where there are more opportunities. when you arrive here they give you the very minimum there is no jobs no school and you sleep in the street for six months italy is one of the worst european states in this regard youth unemployment has exceeded forty percent while the economy is in the worst recession since the second world war the international obligations and plain human principle scandal it only to turn away a refugee since for many is the only chance for survival but the situation is now which to a point when this duty has become too heavy for it to handle on its own the e.u. has pledged italy would receive an additional thirty million euro or just over forty million dollars to deal with the refugee crisis but how will this help to
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distribute the more evenly throughout the union and integrate them into the economy is not clear they have been so on ideas of the cherry they may be some positive. and i see embodies a lot of. good hope but no concrete ideas and as governments and international organizations brainstorm the solution one thing is certain the flow of refugees is only going to continue you've got this going on italy. the controversial era of the present. really is coming to. and georgians take to the polls on sunday to choose the next head of state now with their twenty three names on the ballot adding those expect a run of vote between three candidates but the window will essentially take up a second reposed as key strings of power are being handed over to the prime minister's office archies maria for national reports on saakashvili its legacy.
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they are among the maze determinants detractors of just how the president. they follow me how selfish really everywhere to leave him in no doubt of where they stand. circus really was the once popular leader of the rose revolution the first color evolution which so power change in post soviet republics. in the last days of his near ten year presidency even former allies are on the attack. after his successes started building an authoritarian regime the media was attacked one million people fled one quarter of the population went through the penal system they were either arrested or interrogated in two thousand and seven police used tear gas and rubber bullets against protesters wanting such a shrill his government to resign. in two thousand and eleven they did it again.
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boudin him ugly people were afraid to express or even have their opinion if they faced injustice they feared to report it as it could affect their families. totemic his brother used to run the state audit office and claims he was tortured in jail when he took his case to the human rights cotton strasberg told nikki says he too was arrested over fabricated case becoming another recognised political prisoner. i got eight and a half years if it wasn't for new premier vanish villi i wouldn't have got out in just one week i saw they took out four dead bodies from jail they said those young men died from diseases but that's nonsense days before last october's parliamentary election videos showing yun inmates being humiliated and beaten became the last straw for the georgian people second shrews party lost but this. georgian media
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veteran says the public euphoria over circus will is defeat is tempered by how much the people had already lost individually and. promoted to the georgian people are still ended and the nation with history and we started to live in it we started moving away from our soviet past b r us a p.r. genius who managed to convince the entire world and under the flag of democracy we got fascists as george's electorate votes for many here it's less about welcome in the future but saying goodbye to their past the law prevents macao circa shrilly from running for president again now he's a mission's life far away from politics in the wine business but the public sings in no mood to simply let him fade into the background there is a strong desire georgia for circus really to be broad justice and it seems his detractors won't stop until that thirst is quite changed. well i was saying with georgia and its history the raise revenue and that's just
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ahead here on the say with us for the. new zealand is boldly going where no government has gone before and according to reuters has decided to create a regulatory body to oversee recreational drugs that is their opening pandora's box it have at least temporarily given approval to fifty substances for sale at special stores which are bad and most other countries the body is trying to take a more scientific approach and determine which substances are actually harmful to the user you know i've heard the argument that the war on drugs just wastes massive sums of money effort and lives in eternal futile battle which is true it does but the only option people give is just legalize all drugs there are
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a few problems with this when something is legal that tends to make it ok is it really ok for you to spend your whole life in a trance to avoid reality is it really ok for everyone in town on friday night after work to go on an ice crystal meth rampage the other problem is that the war on drugs fails because it's fighting the drugs and not the reason why people take them which is to escape reality why do people want to escape reality because in modern times or post modern times we live a soulless pointless isolated consumeristic existence of working in a pointless office job just to get poor so we can scrape by and get some cheap plastic junk at walmart when people's lives are empty they will fill them with something through a needle but that's just my opinion. a different georgia was built in front of the very eyes of tbilisi citizen.


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